Archived News

Amel Bennaceur has been appointed as an Associate Editor of IET Software.
Andrea Zisman has been awarded the David Lorge Parnas Fellowship at Lero – the Irish Software Research Centre. The fellowship allows collaboration with Lero and with relevant industry partners, supporting several visits to any of the Lero partner institutions. This distinguished Fellowship covers expenses and a fellowship award.
Amel Bennaceur has been awarded a Microsoft Azure Research Award 2017 to investigate software mediation approaches that contribute to the addressing the Feed Me Feed Me challenge exemplar.
Django Girls Milton Keynes will take place on Saturday 17 February 2018 in The National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes.
Arosha Bandara is now a Professor of Software Engineering at The Open University.
Amel Bennaceur co-chaired a workshop on Cyber Physical Systems at the Heidelberg Laureate Forum 2016, held on 19th September 2016.
New Patent awarded (3rd May 2016) on "Systems and methods for runtime adaptive security to protect variable assets" (US9330262 B2 building on US20140090071 A1). It received an Innovation Award from University of Limerick.
Bashar Nuseibeh has been elected to the Membership of Academia Europaea, the European Academy of Humanities, Letters and Sciences.
Bashar Nuseibeh has been appointed Editor-in-Chief of ACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems (TAAS) for a three-year term starting on 1st October 2017.
Blaine Price is now a Professor of Computing at The Open University.
Bashar Nuseibeh has been appointed as a Visiting Professor at University College London, and member of its Software Systems Engineering Group.
Bashar Nuseibeh is Programme Chair of SEAMS 2017.
Bashar Nuseibeh has been appointed as an Associate Editor of ACM Transactions of Software Engineering and Methodology.
Published by MIT Press, Software Design Decoded has been written as a source of 'daily wisdom' for the software desginers, whether novices or experts, to either pick up new habits that will support the creation of great software or reinforce good practice.
The ESEC/FSE 2017 conference is taking place in Paderborn, Germany between the 4-8th of September 2017.
Papers by group members received Best Paper and Best Short Paper Awards, at the 1st International Workshop on Requirements Engineering for Investigating and Countering Crime, held on 12 September 2016, in Beijing China.  The best paper was co-authored by Yijun Yu and colleagues, while the best short paper was co-authored by Thein Tun and colleagues.
Yijun Yu is winner of the Most Influential Paper of 2006 Award at CASCON'16, for a paper he co-authored with Alexei Lapouchnian, Sotirios Liaskos, and John Mylopoulos, entitled "Requirements-driven design of autonomic application software". It was published in Proceedings of the 2006 conference of the Center for Advanced Studies on Collaborative research (CASCON '06), IBM Corp., Riverton, USA.