Research Projects

  • REASON: Trustworthy Autonomous Systems Node in Resilience
  • STRIDE: Socio-technical resilience in software development
  • SAUSE: Secure, Adaptive, Usable Software Engineering
  • Citizen Forensics: Enabling citizen-police collaborations
  • Jenny: Motivating Jenny to Write Secure Software
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  • STRETCH: Socio-Technical Resilience for Enhancing Targeted Community Healthcare
  • Johnny: Why Johnny doesn't write secure software?
  • ASAP: Adaptive Security and Privacy
  • Monetize Me: Privacy and the Quantified Self in the Digital Economy
  • Privacy Dynamics: Learning from The Wisdom of Groups
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Research Areas

Automated Software Engineering

Requirements Engineering

Engineering Adaptive
Software Systems

Empirical Studies of Software Development

User eXperience Design

Application Domains

Aeronautics & Aerospace

Health & Wellbeing

Policing & Forensics

Security & Privacy