We are applying various wearable and Internet of Things technologies for lifelogging and self-quantifying to improve healthcare and general well-being. These include wearable devices to measure activity and sleep, including smartwatches and monitoring apps on smartphones to track activity, location, mood, blood glucose and other physiological and mental health measures. We are especially interested in helping people manage the privacy of their lifelogging data.

We have several projects working with both patients and healthcare staff at Milton Keynes University Hospital, including a study of activity levels of patients recovering from knee surgery in order to determine how to optimise recovery outcomes. We are also looking at how patients share sensitive health data and how to build interfaces to support the selective sharing of privacy sensitive data.

Our research projects include: STRETCH: Socio-Technical Resilience for Enhancing Targeted Community Healthcare, Privacy Dynamics: Learning from the Wisdom of Groups (EPSRC), Monetize Me: Privacy and the Quantified Self in the Digital Economy (EPSRC), and PRiMMA: Privacy Rights Management in Mobile Applications (EPSRC).